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Crossroads Christian Counseling


The first step

Thank you for taking the first step in getting help. Many times, that's the hardest one to make. And now that you're here, don't stop. Read on.

Maybe you need counsel for issues with your family, your spouse, the person you're dating, your children, your friends, or other relationships; I believe God has a perfect plan for resolving things. 

Perhaps the troubles you're having are more personal, such as with pride, anger, addictions, grief, trauma, your walk with God, or other things? Allow me to come alongside you and help you be the person God wants you to be through personal, powerful, Christian counseling.


Maybe you need counsel for healing from past events, and help moving forward to a healthy, fulfilling life. Allow me to help you heal, and find out how God can make beauty from ashes. 

Contact Crossroads Christian Counseling today for a free initial phone consultation.


  • To come alongside people in need of direction and point them to the wisdom of God’s Word.

  • To educate and help heal individuals, families, churches, and communities, to live a life of freedom.

  • To guide people in “..all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ.” Col 1:28


Personal Message

My deepest desire, as a pastor and counselor, is to see people walking in step with God's desire for their life. I believe that God is the ultimate counselor of our lives. Because of this, I believe His Word is the place to find direction for the difficult crossroads we often face.

-- Dooba

Utilizing Zoom for our sessions is also an option.

Email or call for details.

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